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Wisconsin’s Oneida Casino reports active athletes at Green Bay locations.

Wisconsin police responded Saturday evening to reports of mass shooting at Oneida Casino in Green Bay, about four miles from Lambeau Stadium.

Green Bay Press-Gazette Reported that the suspect was detained. There was a massive response to law enforcement. A spokesman from the casino said many people were shot unspecified.

“I don’t believe the gunman is working any longer. But the situation continues because (There’s law enforcement) there and the property is still clearing, ”said Bobbi Webster, Oneida Nation’s director of public relations.

Witnesses told Fox 11 they arrived at the casino car park and saw people running from the location. Witnesses who described rapid gunshots said they saw about 50 to 60 police cars driving to the scene.

Casino crowds tend to be bigger than usual as Saturday is the Kentucky Derby.

Videos posted on social media showed people fleeing into a parking lot, where several police cars were seen with flashing lights.

Max Westphal said he stood outside after being evacuated because of what he thought was a minor issue.

“Suddenly we heard gunshots ̵

1; 20 to 30 shots for sure,” Westphal told WBAY-TV.

Oneida Nation said it was shutting all casinos until further notice.

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Green Bay Police and Brown County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately release further details.Fox News was told investigators were setting up a media showcase near the casino and would have more information.

This is an evolving story. Please check back for updates with Fox News.

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