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With Angie Mentink’s beautiful voice, the Mariners beat Rangers 3-2.

Some games have a spontaneous storyline that provides a briefing. The others are so bad that you will do whatever it takes to avoid thinking about the “baseball” you just saw. And then there’s a game like tonight. it’s a good game don’t get me wrong It might be in the 3rd place of the games we’ll be watching this season. but quite mediocre When it comes to a cohesive story (Plus, you know, the sailor wins!) Because of this, and since it’s Friday night of a three-day weekend, And I like some key points. Your summary can be found in the delicious and easily digestible delicacy below.

  • Justus Sheffield looked strong tonight for five innings. but still rely on sliders as reliable as With your craziest friend planning Sunday brunch. Change, Chef. Please.
  • Kyle Lewis!

(The basic rule is doubling in seconds. Threats without hitmen are eliminated prematurely)

  • It was a sample size about the width of his little finger. But the last two games for Tom Murphy are good to see. Of course, it was more of a thirst quenching dew on the grass than anything else, but he seemed to be in the box faster. And the contact seemed infinitely better.

(Murphy went 1

-for-3 with a good play to grab Nick Solak in fifth place.)

  • What is the best? happiness is to watch JP Crawford play defensively.

(He struggled a bit at the plate, doing 0 against 3, but played twice and his quick tag playing in the aforementioned fifth inning was key.)

  • Ty France seems to *knock on wood* feeling better and tonight he’s back hitting “professional” as Angie Mentink describes. And the first career double from DH – yes DH – José Godoy!

  • Erik Swanson’s first record for 2021 comes with 1 1/3 The innings pitched after a fine JT Chargois inning and an unusually shaky – albeit short – Keynan Middleton trait. Swanson closed the eighth without a problem. But it makes things a little more interesting than necessary in the nines. But it’s done. They won. No refunds.
  • Mentink joins Dan Wilson and Mike Blowers in tonight’s special Players’ Cast broadcast. And it was a delight. Listening to her voice made me wonder how long it took me to hear a woman talk about baseball. outside my mother and grandmother I don’t talk to other women. About this game until joining LL until working with other girls on this game that I like. How wonderful tonight is it to imagine a young girl watching this broadcast at home and hearing someone who looks like her?

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