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Woman arrested at Atlanta airport for smuggling cocaine in shoes

“The shoes are made for walking and not smuggling drugs,” the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said in a news release.

An unnamed Georgia woman was returning from Jamaica on Sunday when officials pulled her away for further investigation. It didn’t say why she was flagged.

Upon examining her bag, staff found seven pairs of white powder hidden in the shoes. The substance has already been tested to be positive for cocaine.

In the images shared by CBP, shoes ranging from sneakers to sandals and even a pair of loafers were arranged on the table after the authorities separated them. On each insole and inserted into the heel of the wedge, a package of cocaine is seen.

Found cocaine in the heel
This isn’t the first time drug smugglers have tried to hide drugs on the soles. In December, CBP said a drug sniffing dog at a checkpoint in Yuma smelt more than a pound of fentanyl trapped in an Arizona man’s shoe.

On a typical day, border officials seized more than 3,600 pounds of drugs, according to the CBP.

“Drug smugglers have to put in a lot of effort to cover up drugs from our staff,” Paula Rivera, CBP Area Port of Atlanta Directorate, said in a press release. “Suppression of narcotics continues to be a very important CBP enforcement mission of our concern.”

Authorities estimate that the 3 pounds of cocaine found in the woman’s shoes was worth $ 40,000 on the road.The woman was taken to the Clayton County Police Department for prosecution, according to the CBP.

“Criminal charges are just an allegation,” reads the release. “The defendant assumed innocent until it was proved guilty in court.”

CNN has contacted Clayton County Police for more information about the woman and the allegations she faces.

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