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Woman resolves lawsuit against Texans’ Deshaun Watson for revealing name. A new suit was filed while the other was dropped.

HOUSTON – Twenty women who have filed a lawsuit alleging indecent behavior and sexual harassment by Deshaun Watson resolved their petition to disclose their names at the time a new lawsuit is filed against the Houston Texans defender. On a Wednesday afternoon at the Harris County Clerk.

The latest lawsuit was filed by a freelance makeup artist who said Watson contacted her via Instagram direct messages on September 2, 2020, asking if she offered massages. The case details two incidents that occurred during a massage session in September and November in which Watson was accused of assaulting and harassing the woman. “By revealing himself, touching her with his genitals and groping her”


The plaintiff claimed that while she massaged Watson the second time, he “Order her to seize his genitals,” she said, not before finally doing what Watson ordered because “The pressure from Watson’s relentless command compels her to oppose her, making her helpless.”

On Wednesday, one of 22 lawsuits against Watson was dropped by the plaintiffs “for now,” according to court documents.

“In terms of privacy and security, the plaintiff has decided not to pursue her case for now,” the document said. “The Plaintiff reserves the right to refuse the case once the concern has been resolved.”

Another existing case is expected to be reverted by Thursday after an emergency trial was dismissed on Wednesday.

On Friday, two judges ruled that most of the plaintiffs suing Watson must be identified. Friday’s two hearings covered 13 lawsuits filed against Watson, while lawyers agreed to release the 14th title the following day before Friday, only two of the women were made public. Another emergency hearing to determine whether the remaining lawsuit should be scheduled for Wednesday. But was called out shortly before the scheduled start.

The plaintiffs’ attorney, Tony Buzbee, said in a statement on Tuesday that his law firm “Previously attempted to name defense advisers of the plaintiffs suing Deshaun Watson and intend to do so in a timely manner.”

“We are concerned about the safety of these plaintiffs and urge the Watson team to agree to a protection order that can be used for prosecution. But it will not be published worldwide, ”Buzbee’s statement continued.

In a statement last week, Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said that when his law firm asked Buzbee to “identify his client several weeks ago, he denied it and told us to file a complaint.”

“While I understand that anonymity is often used as a shield for victims, Buzbee uses it as a sword,” Hardin said in a statement on Thursday. “While protecting his clients from public scrutiny, Buzbee continues to use the anonymous allegations to destroy Mr Watson, this is invalid and we hope to be resolved in court.”

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