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Writer Loki Teases Unexpected Marvel Cameos

Loki’s lead screenwriter Michael Waldron teases Tom Hiddleston̵

7;s Disney+ to include cameos from unexpected Marvel characters.

LokiMarvel Chief Screenwriter Michael Waldron made an unexpected parody of Marvel on Disney+. Tom Hiddleston’s days of playing the god of evil will continue after. Avengers: Endgame: Set up another timeline where Loki escaped the capture of the Avengers in 2012. This became possible after he acquired the Tesseract and unknowingly changed how events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe were supposed to be revealed. Loki He is seen being detained by the Time Variance Authority and asked to help fix the sacred timeline he is responsible for causing the chaos.

Throughout Marvel Studios’ journey to create shows for Disney+ WandaVision and falcon and winter soldier Both include familiar MCU characters and new Marvel characters to support their top heroes. when it arrived LokiThe series has been confirmed to introduce characters like Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), both of whom are characters from the manga. However, no familiar MCU characters have been announced. extraterrestrial

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From a new interview with LokiMarvel Chief Writer Michael Waldron may have a surprise guest on Disney+. Waldron is making the rounds to promote the series ahead of the premiere and recently talked to digital spyThe shop asked him about the Marvel characters that will appear in Loki. He said, “If they are under the right and the law can be clarified. There is no reason that we cannot try to pursue them.” The site then asked for more specific answers about who would make a guest appearance on the show, leading Waldron to joke that fans should. “Expect the unexpected.”

Loki Tom Hiddleston shows off his helmet.

Loki It’s in a unique position to feature the Marvel characters Waldron wants with settings. The show will explore a different timeline and possibly other universes, so there are no restrictions on what or who will be shown. Mobius and Renslayer will be the main characters throughout the series and marketing for it. Loki Has mocked the appearances of Thor, Heimdall, Grandmaster, Lady Loki, and even Mephisto. There are even rumors about Lady Sif, Kang, Enchantress, Squadron Supreme and others appearing in Loki’s various adventures.

with LokiThe Disney+ debut is incredibly close, and fans will soon be able to see who appears on the show and how. The series can offer current MCU actors the opportunity to play different versions of the characters. depending on who showed up Just as the series is expected to have multiple versions of Loki, fans will be given the opportunity for other MCU characters to get the same opportunity. Loki There is a lot of potential to surprise fans along the way. And it looks like this will happen when new episodes are released.

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