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WWE Network on Peacock: Your Questions Answered

Peacock is sharing more details today on how it will integrate WWE’s wide selection of content later this month when the WWE Network becomes part of the NBCUniversal streaming service.

As announced in January, the new WWE portal will launch in Peacock starting March 18.The standalone WWE Network app will shut down in the US a few weeks later on April 4th, that means. That current members will be able to use the old app for the upcoming WWE. Rush channel Pay per view this month if they want, but come WrestleMania 37Which takes place on April 10 and 11, Peacock will be the only option. There̵

7;s no way to transfer a WWE Network subscription to Peacock, but the company offers wrestling fans a special deal to help make the move easier.

It looks like Peacock, but it feels familiar to WWE fans.

As for how Peacock plans to show off WWE programming, you’ll notice a new “WWE” tab in the browse section. Once selected, you’ll see a normal carousel of featured lists and curated activities. This is the entire user interface of Peacock, but the two companies are in constant communication about which content to focus on.

IMAGE: Peacock

Peacock has said it will eventually be home to everything that exists on the WWE Network today, but the change will not be immediate. There will be a few noticeable omissions for the March 18 launch.Peacock members will have access to the following:

All PPV jobs in the latest calendar year The current season or the latest episode of the WWE original series. Steve Austin’s The Broken Skull Sessions, WWE Chronicles, and WWE Icon; Action in the ring with new weekly episodes of Nxt The next day, As well as the 2021 replay of raw and SmackDown 30 days after the broadcast Groundbreaking documentaries, including Undertaker: The Last Ride, WWE 24, and WWE tells; The reality series are: Fine; As well as a collection of notable series such as Steve Austin Week “Stone Cold” and a playlist showcasing today’s superstars.

You’ll wait a few months for all of your pay-per-view.

Here’s the bad news: WWE Network with WWE Network’s massive WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view won’t be available on day one, but Peacock promises to have all of that content. Summer Slam, ”Which is in August That means professional wrestling fans could spend weeks without a convenient way to watch those past events as the WWE Network app will be history in the US. (Global version will still work as it is today)

The exception is WrestleMania; All previous WrestleMania events will be available when they launch in Peacock.

The match mark is no longer

A common disappointment with WWE Network viewers is that PPV and on-demand programs are not divided into Longer “marks” to separate them into sections that are easy to jump back and forth. But each stream is going to be a long stream. (Peacock tells me it’s working on a preview of the image scrub bar to help viewers find what they want when fast-forwarding through WWE videos.)

Search is not as comprehensive as in the WWE Network.

And finally, searching on Peacock won’t be as strong as on the WWE Network, while the WWE Network lets you search for your desired match or WWE superstar right from the search bar.That won’t be with Peacock, at least for the episode. first This is something fans can expect to improve in the coming months. But even so, it might not match what is possible on the WWE Network.

Get discounts during WWE moving to Peacock

Peacock admits that there is a lot more work to be done to satisfy the death of the WWE Network, so to help sweeten the pot, we’re giving WWE fans a special discount.They can pick up four months of Peacock Premium for $ 9.99, which This is down to $ 2.50 per month.Peacock Premium usually costs $ 4.99 per month, which is still less than the WWE Network’s $ 9.99 per month subscription.

There is often a compromise between the Peacock and WWE tag team, and I think I’ve covered the main things that fans care about here. Cramming services designed for a more niche audience in mainstream streaming apps comes with challenges. In addition, keep in mind that we are still talking about the launch experience.It is possible for Peacock to go back and add this function if the customer has enough voice. I still hope for more features that WWE Network has never had before. (Such as offline downloads) will become a reality on Peacock.

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