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WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions, and Highlights From April 5th | Bleacher Report.

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Throughout the week leading up to WrestleMania 37 is packed full of events, and it all starts with Monday’s episode of WWE Raw.

    Before they did the WWE Championship, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley had a solo match with someone they recently worked with.

    Scottish Warriors take over as Baron Corbin and The All Mighty confront his former Hurt Business colleague Cedric Alexander.

    New Day will protect the Raw tag titles from AJ Styles and Omos this weekend, so WWE is booking a match between The Phenomenal One and Xavier Woods for Monday̵

    7;s performance.

    We have also seen future rivals Asuka and Rhea Ripley team up to face women’s tag team champions Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler in an untitled race.

    Let’s take a look at everything that happened on Raw’s homecoming episode headed into WrestleMania on Saturday and Sunday.

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    Raw opens with McIntyre walking into the ring. We saw a clip of Corbin attacking him last week before The Scottish Warrior sent a promo about his upcoming fight with Lashley.

    He was a little depressed when discussing the conversations he had with his mother over the years about his career and all the sacrifices he had to make, Lashley came out with an MVP to cut his promotion short. down

    Lashley called McIntyre a great champion. But said that his time was over McIntyre tried to provoke the fight, but the MVP told him he would have to wait for King Corbin to attend the party and said he would stop McIntyre from joining WrestleMania.

    grade: C +


    This is a good promotion. But there is no sense of urgency required for the final show before WrestleMania.

    McIntyre and Lashley get along well with their line passes, but Corbin has slowed things down. His presence is not necessary. Indeed, his short speech would be more effective if it was sent backstage during an interview.

    This section doesn’t cover new ground or make the match between Lashley and McIntyre more interesting. It’s tenderness But the people involved are doing a good job with what they have.

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    Tonight’s first match is a stylish rematch from last week, joining the Woods, Omos and Kofi Kingston are there to support partners from the Ringside.

    The style started with a few punches and a hip-throwing style that locked Woods into Calf Crusher, but he was distracted when Kingston threw the microphone at the Omos.

    This allows Woods to style curls for the pins. The new day was celebrated as the challenger looked in anger.

    grade: C-


    This is a short race that does nothing to make the feud more exciting. But what we have seen is entertainment.

    Woods and style have just a few moves. But each port looks good. Omos and Kingston things are designed and still entertaining.

    Is this necessary or not? Are you sick? Maybe. Is it funny? Yes.

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    Braun Strowman delivered a mesmerizing promotion from inside the steel cage about a WrestleMania duel with Shane McMahon.When he succeeded, McMahon led Elias and Jaxson Ryker to face him in a handicap match.

    After a break, the bell rang and Strowman took control of the situation immediately.He threw Ryker from the band before following Elias.Ryker prevented him from hitting powerslam to save Elias.

    They stomped The Monster Among Men onto the mat after hitting the double-sided suplex. They each took turns hitting from the top rope, but Strowman kicked off.

    The big man recovers and hits both men with a power slam for victory.

    grade: C


    A promotion from Strowman may not make sense. But he delivered with more heart than expected. He is convinced and tries to make the match more important than all of the previous moments he has had with McMahon combined.

    The ensuing match was as predictable as McMahon bet on Strowman, but he stayed out of the top as we all knew he would.

    Elias and Ryker looked good in seconds when they had the upper hand. Although both of these groups had the best mean. But it’s still the best thing we’ve seen during this feud.

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    Asuka and Baszler kick off the ring in a fierce trade, before The Empress gets his first shot. Asuka took her to the corner to find the sign. But Ripley refused.

    Baszler left before Ripley decided to open up the ring.She picked up The Queen of Spades and threw her into her corner.Jax came in and exchanged a few words with her No. 1 opponent before they started throwing their fists.

    Ripley tagged Asuka against her will and watched as she put Jax in the octopus. The irresistible force countered to escape, but Asuka hit the knee to the face.

    Ripley and Baszler both had the tag, and thanks to the distraction Reginald, The Queen of Spades took her down with the chopping block. We came back from the break to watch Baszler focus on Ripley’s legs.

    Asuka received the fiery tag and led both opponents away in a swift motion. As the Empress climbed onto the upper joint, Ripley pushed her to the ground.She threw Asuka back in to let Baszler hit the knee, running to win.

    grade: B-


    This is a solid pairing with a sensible outcome for everyone, Ripley and Asuka shouldn’t be compatible, and WWE made sure they were hostile by this point.

    Ripley has made her team at his own expense in this competition, helping to drive her storyline and make the women’s tag champions look strong by winning at the same time. Two birds with one stone

    WWE also announced four WrestleMania night-one four-team matches, with the winner receiving the women’s tag title on the second night.

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    Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander faced backstage MVP earlier on the show. Before the match began, Benjamin and Alexander attacked Lachley to knock him down.

    When Lashley was able to free, the referrer called the bell and The All Mighty began banging Alexander in the corner.He hit the collar before throwing his opponent across the ring.

    Lashley dominated his former colleague until the show was cut to commercialization. Alexander tried to get back when we got back and was able to push Lashley downstairs by deflecting Benjamin.

    A noble pilot strikes a suicide couple When they returned to the ring, The All Mighty responded to trying to do DDT. Shelton pleads with Lashley to surrender as he uses Hurt Lock for victory.When he refuses to stop arrest, Benjamin comes to his partner’s assistant.

    Lashley grabbed The Gold Standard and held him intact until he passed.

    grade: B +


    Lashley has two very different feuds going on right now, and he’s been trying to make them seem important. He has his storyline with McIntyre while remaining in touch with former Hurt Business teammate.

    Alexander and Lashley look great together. Lashley looks like a monster. But Alexander was able to do enough mistakes to prevent himself from looking like a worker.

    This was the strongest part of the four men. It’s too bad we won’t see them as such a solid thing anymore.

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    Sheamus joins a lecture team to watch Mustafa Ali fight the Riddle. The US champions almost immediately had Ali in the choking triangle. But he was forced to stop when Ali rolled into a pinned position.

    Riddle sent Ali onto the ropes, dropped into the back, followed by a kick from the apron. He grabbed Sheamus’ hat and danced around until Ali took him out.

    We came back from the break to see Ali in control. But the Riddle quickly began to attack. He hit every one of his signature moves as he prepared to do his finisher.

    Alito and hit the scooter twice. Riddle recovered and scored a win.

    grade: B-


    We need to mention how WWE added a graphic of a bird that appears to fly off the Riddle’s butt as he kicks his flip-flop. Well, we misunderstand.

    Ali and Riddle have good chemistry and enough time for a fun show. After all, Sheamus who was there had no effect on the outcome.

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    McIntyre and Corbin are trapped and battled for control for several seconds before breaking apart and locking up again. Corbin unlocks the waist before knocking down the champ by thrashing off the shoulder.

    The king pinned the McIntyre by the clothesline for a quick count. He choked a Scottish warrior with a rope until the referee made him back off.

    McIntyre began to form as he threw Corbin over the ring with an overhead suplex.Corbin avoided the Future Shock DDT but was still thrown into the steel steps.

    We returned from commercials to watch Corbin try to turn his fortune away. He ran McIntyre into the ring pillar to send him flying out of the apron. He turned the former WWE champion so that it was close

    After the two were close to winning several times, McIntyre hit Claymore to win.

    grade: B-


    Corbin is a big guy who always does his best when he’s in the ring with someone of the same size, so it’s easy to see why this becomes the right match.

    It’s not great at all, but it highlights the strengths of both men and makes Corbin do something as he doesn’t have his own WrestleMania feud.

    The MVP in the opinion of helping sell why this happened. He wanted Corbin to take out McIntyre so Lashley could more easily challenge defeating The King at WrestleMania. It was thin, but MVP made it work.

    For the final episode of Raw before ‘Mania, this is a boring one. Hopefully this weekend will give us a better show than the next.

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