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WWE SmackDown Results: Grade Winners, Reactions, and Highlights for April 30th | Bleacher Report.

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After a long commercial, including input from top SmackDown star Daniel Bryan, went to the squared circle to shoot at Roman Reigns and Universal Champion, victory and leader of YES! The movement will harmonize his legacy. The loss will lead to the exile from the blue brand.

Head of the Table enters the stage to perform a new theme song, an epic orchestra with a rhythm that fits the dynamic power of sports entertainment.

Brian strikes from the opening bell, rocking the champ with a dropkick. He flattens the Reigns with the knee running from the ring apron heading into the break.

The challenger used the champion̵

7;s left arm and shoulder to run at him with a kick to the shoulder. Reign absorbed and returned the fire, cutting Brian off with a large elbow for two. Brian sent him into the joint first. But The Big Dog recovered and sent a bomb off the top rope for two times.

Reign back from the break by taking off the floor clothesline, then adding a big knee and bootie to Brian in the corner. He put the challenger on the top rope. But Brian caught him and looked at the rally.

Bryan delivered a large sideplex from the top rope and fired half in the Reigns, scoring twice. He continued to spin, bringing the chieftain down to the ground. There, Reigns tried to find the spear, but Bryan moved and the champion crashed into the fence.

Back from another ad, Brian opened himself off the top rope with a diving head for another one near the fall. Reigns responded with Superman Punch. Brian locked him in YES! Lock. Reign, escape and send the spear. But he managed to keep the challenger in just the second count while Brian’s resilience and heart took over.

Reign with Brian in the guillotine But Babyface escaped and extended an arm. He split into YES! Lock. Reign, fight with the rope. But Brian pulled him back. The champion finally came out and managed to thrash Brian to the mat. He smashed the back of Brian’s head punished before sending out another bomb.

Reigns uses his fine arm to use the guillotine to choke Brian’s fight and keep his position.

After the match, the Reigns brutally tried to injure the chair against Bryan, only for Cesaro to save his life. Swiss superman retires champion until Jey Uso saves his life. Reigns hand over a chair to Brian while Sesaro is tied up with a rope forcing him to look.


The reigns were defeated by Brian to win the title.


A +


This is one of the best matches of the year, a high-stakes battle not only But only to win the gold medal But also a continuation of one of WWE’s most elite careers. WWE made an extraordinary deal from the tournament and the cast doubled on delivery.

The expectations were so high and the competition was beyond them, delivering a stunning encounter that made fans think the inspirational win might not have been at the cards before Reigns vented their feelings of hope. That still exist

It’s not just a great competition. But still a rare victory for the head of the table.

Cesaro supports the idea that the Swiss Superman will stay up to challenge the next reign as WWE joins The Big Dog for now.We have to wonder if now is the time to use him to lift. Cesaro level, especially considering how hot the Swiss Cyborg is right now.

But for later

Friday night was the culmination of Brian, a Match of the Year candidate Brian’s reign and feud, and is proof that WWE can still deliver matches in a must-see event format when needed.

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