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WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reactions, Highlights from May 28 | Bleacher Report

Credits: WWE.com

Backstage, cheerful Jimmy Uso talks to Roman Reigns about him and Jey’s pairing with The Street Profits later in the show. He said they would go on. Win the title, place alongside The Tribal Chief’s Universal Championship, and rule the SmackDown.

Reigns said he was happy with him. But when Jimmy left He planted a seed of doubt in Jey̵

7;s head and asked him if he would let his brother speak for him. Jey swore he was with Reigns, no matter how well the night went.

The Street Profits hit the ring and cut off a promotion about their matchup with Usos, placing it as a dream match before saying both Jimmy and Jey were going to keep Reigns in their heads for no rent. This brought the twins to the ring. The verbal punch gave way to much-anticipated competition. But not before the commercial break.

Street Profits dominate the first minute of the match. By sending brothers and sisters to the announcement table and the timer position before time runs out again. back from break Jimmy Makes Montez Ford trips over causing the stream to turn towards the heel They separated Ford and worked instead. Prevent him from tagging Angelo. Dawkins in competition

Ford eventually parted ways with Jimmy in a pair of big boots and a clothesline with Jay. He tagged Dawkins in and the big man released the opposition. With Dawkins and Jimmy on the rope above. Ford released from the ring above the ring pillar and go up on the jay on the ground

Jimmy rocked Dawkins with a superkick but couldn’t put him down for the count. Dawkins responded with two distorted shoulders and neck for himself. Dawkins flattened Jimmy with his spine. Ford tried to splash the frogs with water, but Jey pushed him away. get out of the way

Jimmy rocked Ford with a superkick and won his team.


The Usos beat The Street Profits


B +


This is a pretty good launcher and it’s even better on a pay-per-view setup. without a commercial break to derail momentum.

Jimmy rocks Usos in hopes that his team with his brother will someday reign supreme, while Jey remains loyal to Roman Reigns with his right hand. It’s a great touch to a comprehensive storyline.

Both teams showed off the in-ring chemistry one could hope for, and the match felt suitably epic. Dedicating that much time can only help things.

The right team is over as The Street Profits are very bulletproof from a reliability standpoint. At this point, the potential for a match between the two is greater. But it is necessary not to reveal too much competition and to be under criticism. especially when it feels as special as it is.

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