The only thing faster than fast charging is developing faster charging. It’s just yesterday Xiaomi introduced 120W wired charging on the Mi 10 Ultra and the company has showcased its next-generation charging technology that takes just a few minutes to complete a 4,000mAh battery charge.

200W wired charging takes just three minutes. (You read that right) to get a 50% score while reaching 1

00% in just eight minutes. Yes, that’s about the same time the iPhone goes to 100% of 99% (/s).

If wired charging doesn’t impress you The company’s 120W wireless charging might damage your brain. At a time when most phones have 15W wireless charging, Xiaomi has shown 120W wireless charging, which takes just 15 minutes to fully charge the phone. Watch the video below!

The phone in question is a modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro.

It’s exciting to know that these incredible speeds can be applied to any phone you buy in the next year or two. But we don’t have any critical information on how this technology works or affects battery health. Although there is a possibility that this technology is proprietary. But we wondered if it would take advantage of the newly announced USB PD-EPR standard.

by any means It will be some time before we see these new charging technologies applied to commercial phones. But with the speed that companies moving I wouldn’t be surprised to see delivery companies before the end of 2021.