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XM4 ‘SMG’ Warzone loadout could be a new close-up meta weapon new

With Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 returning on June 17th, the XM4 assault rifle has destroyed Verdansk. This is an incredibly robust ‘SMG’ XM4 kit.

The new seasons and patches of Warzone mean a new weapon meta. It continues to be popular in Black Ops Cold War, but has made a slight impact in Verdansk so far.

That seems to have changed with AR making its way into the game’s most popular weapon for the first time. Many people realize that its high rate of fire and maximum damage make it an incredibly strong melee weapon. and with proper attachment It can be made into a very large SMG-AR hybrid.

Load XM4 Warzone
Activision / Treyarch

XM4 is the first AR player unlocked in the Cold War.

While the XM4 has undoubted weaknesses – recoil and mag sizes to name a couple – these can be minimized in Warzone with proper gameplay and attachments.

The following XM4 prioritizes handling speed and firepower. This means that accuracy is pushed to the backburner more than usual. Remote use of this build is not recommended. Unless you have professional goals.

Close-up ‘SMG’ XM4 Warzone Loadout

XM4 created from Lootshare.

  • Muzzle: suppress
  • barrel: 13.5″ Fleet
  • warehouse: Raider Pad
  • ammunition: 45 rounds
  • Optic: Micro-flex LED

As mentioned earlier This weapon prioritizes handling velocity and firepower. The Suppressor increases ADS velocity and sprint-to-fire time, just like the Raider Pad stock. These attachments give you a quick and ideal sight. for dealing with annoying enemies nearby.

The Task Force’s 13.5-inch barrel improves bullet velocity and projectile velocity. It means your bullet will hit the target faster while you remain an elusive target. Unlike the attachments, the 45 Rnd mag gives you 15 extra shots, but doesn’t slow down the ADS or acceleration time. 60 Rnd some items

Finally, the Microflex LED gives you a clear optic to ensure the highest accuracy of ammunition in spite of where the gun recoil was noticeable. This is one attachment that you can swap out. If you’re confident you can control the weapon’s recoil while using simple iron sights, the Tiger Team Spotlight is perfect for those looking to get rid of the optic.

We’ve seen some incredible killing power on SMGs like the MAC-10 and MP5 recently, but this XM4, if played reasonably. will throw all the money to them

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