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Yabba Dabba Disputes Resolve Fred Flintstone

On Thursday, April 11, 2019, this file photo of the Flintstone House was seen before a press conference with the home’s original owners and architects in Hillsborough, Calif. A suburb of Hillsborough’s San Francisco Bay Area is suing homeowners. She said she installed dangerous steps, dinosaurs and other Flintstone-era models without permission. (Eric Risberg)

HILLSBOROUGH, Calif. (AP) – Fred Flintstone fought the law – and he won.

Technically, the owners of the chic Flintstones home in suburban San Francisco have filed a lawsuit against the City of Hillsborough. But this deal will make Fred and his friends his can continue

In a dispute over Yabba Dabba that infringes on property rights against government rules, retired publishing mogul Florence Fang defends her colorful, bulbous home and elaborate homage to the family. Flintstones”

; featuring Stone Age sculptures inspired by 1960s cartoons alongside aliens. and other strange things

However, the city calls its towering dinosaurs and life-size sculptures “the world’s largest dinosaurs.” She sued Fang, alleging she violated the local code when she placed a dinosaur statue in her backyard. and make other landscape changes causing local officials to declare public nuisance

A lawyer for the city previously said residents must obtain a permit before the sculpture can be installed, regardless of the theme.

Hillsborough went to court in 2019 after Fang failed to comply with multiple strike orders. Including an order to remove properties around the multi-million dollar property with a 2,730 square foot (254 square meter) home, Fang sued back, The Daily Post in Palo Alto first reported the settlement on Thursday.

Hillsborough lawyer Mark Hudak As mentioned earlier, the city prides itself on being rural with a forest-like feel. and have rules laid down “So the neighbors don’t have to look at your version of what you want, and you don’t have to look at them.”

According to the memo, the settlement stipulates that the city will review and approve the landscaping improvement survey. Fang, on the other hand, will apply for a construction permit. The city will pay Fang $125,000 and she will withdraw the lawsuit. which was dismissed in state court on April 27.

There is no news of Barney Rubble’s role in the story.

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