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Yankees’ Gary Sanchez questions Red Sox

Everything was in place on Friday to give Gary Sanchez a breakout game.

There are signs of recent improvements. He faces the opponent he defeats best. and former teammates he had played at home before.

Then came four at four at-bat during a 5-2 loss to the Red Sox and suddenly Sanchez’s pre-game optimism about two weeks of hard work against the Yankees beating coach Marcus Thames and PJ. Pilittere sounds like a more coveted idea.

“We wanted to simplify my swing in a way that would allow my hands to come out faster,” Sanchez said through an interpreter. “I really liked the adjustments we made. to make my swing easier and get more on the ball We have to keep working together.”

The quickest way for the Yankees to end up in the fans̵

7; doghouse is to struggle in a pressure-filled game against the Red Sox. Sanchez has taken an unconventional route to the destination. (Put a joke here by comparing it to his adventurous journey on the basic route.)

Gary Sanchez
Gary Sanchez responded to one of his four strikes against the Red Sox on Friday.
Robert Sabo

that’s because Compared to Red Sox Sanchez has numbers that go against logic. It was the rest of the game that often led to the boos he heard again after the lead. The “Golden Sombrero” exits hole No. 8 in the Yankees-Red Sox’s first game of the season.

“It’s definitely difficult. [to adjust in-season]But you have to do it,” Sanchez said. What will happen to me? I don’t know. You have to understand that if what you’re doing isn’t giving you the results you want. It’s time to act.”

In his first 53 professional games against the Red Sox Sanchez scored .254, with a percentage on a .348 basis and a sluggish .557 percent. The three numbers were better than his career average of 20, 27 and 64 points, respectively. He is his highest score with any team and 17 home runs and 112 total bases is one of his points compared to the more-strap Orioles.

“I don’t know why. It’s hard to pinpoint why,” Sanchez said before the game. not just them But I hope those results will continue against them.”

Instead of ambidextrous and double swinging with former Yankee Nate Eovaldi, Hirokazu Sawamura and Matt Barnes, Sanchez’s 2021 figure averaged .198, with 46 strikeouts on 131 hits.

“Any man on their list is a threat at any given time,” said Eovaldi, who threw six innings for victory when asked about Sanchez. “The moment you give to anyone is when the game humbles you. You chase them as if they are the hottest hitter right now. You get one hit and it makes it a little easier to bat.”

Sanchez had scored .389 (7v18) in seven games before Friday. This made it seem possible he could beat the Red Sox as he did during his nine-game winning streak last September. or in the 2018 Division Series or other times

“I don’t know what it is about the Red Sox, but I think it’s just upgrading and intensifying,” said Aaron Judge. And he stepped up in those moments.”

not tonight If not against the Red Sox, then who?

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