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You have been vaccinated. What should you do with your vaccine record card?

More than 100 million Americans have received at least one vaccine against the COVID-19 virus.The evidence? “Vaccination Record Card”, a 4 by 3-inch paper issued by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, in a post-epidemic world, the humble card for those who are fully vaccinated could become an essential document used for travel, attendance, back-to-office activities after the epidemic. Here’s what the experts say you should know about vaccination cards.

Take a picture of your recording card.

The first thing experts recommend when you are vaccinated is to take a digital photograph on both sides of your personal recording card. You can also scan cards and save files on your laptop or desktop, said Megan Ranney, Rhode Island Hospital emergency physician and associate professor at Brown University.

One thing you should never do: Share your personal proof of vaccination on Facebook or other social media sites, which can lead to identity theft, as the CDC card has the same person̵

7;s date of birth. Name and surname

“I’m not going to post to social media with my birthday show, it’s a unique indicator that might cause someone to steal your identity, so I’ll have to be careful about that first,” Danielle. Ompad, an epidemiologist, professor at the NYU School of Global Health, told CBS MoneyWatch.

On the other hand, you may want to print a copy of your vaccination card photo and keep it in your wallet. While some experts recommend not having the original laminating so that supplemental vaccine shots can be added if needed, others say that’s okay, as more sophisticated record keeping systems are likely to be readily available in At that time

“I’m going to coat it because by the time boosters, the technology will evolve,” suggested Dr. Maureen Miller, professor of epidemiology at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

You can get your card laminated for free at the Staples office supply store using the code 81450 or at the Office Depot with code 52516714.

Leave the manuscript at home

Make sure to keep the original copy of the vaccine card safely – you don’t need to keep it with your person all the time and risk losing it. Experts recommend keeping manuscripts with other important documents or medical records and carrying digital copies.

“There’s no need to carry around all the time at this point unless you’re traveling or doing something else where you will need to show proof of vaccination,” Ranney said.

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said he kept a record of vaccinations in his passport. (Along with a card showing that he was vaccinated against yellow fever)

Let your primary care physician know that you are receiving the vaccine, as with any other vaccination.This helps the health care provider make sure your immunization records are up to date.

What if I lose it?

If you lose your card, don’t panic. Every time a vaccination is given, the provider is recorded with the state vaccination registry.

“Those fragile papers are not the only record of your immunization status,” Adalja said. But it’s not the end of the world if they lose their cards or get through the washing machine. ”

If you’ve misplaced your card, call your government health department and request a replacement.

“Now this is what we can prove that you have been vaccinated. But it can’t be replaced, ”said Dr. Christine Whelan, clinical professor of consumer science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For now, Whelan says the CDC’s plain white card may have more symbolic values ​​than practical functions.

“Other countries are not distributing paper like we are, and this might be an unusual thing we are doing. There is something satisfying about leaving a copy of the card in this case,” she said.

There is no international standard yet.

Dr. Anthony Fosi, Chief Medical Adviser to President Joe Biden, said this week that the US government would not authorize. Vaccine passport For travel and other business activities, anything similar to a digital pass is likely to be. Developed by the private sector, He added.

Some experts regret that the government has not developed previously standardized evidence of digital immunizations.

“I think the US government should think of digital apps early and make them available so they can be used when people are vaccinated,” said Adam. It’s safe so people don’t have to worry about carrying that card around. “

Ideally, one person’s vaccination status is combined and stored with other personal travel information displayed in programs such as Global Entry and TSA Pre Check, thereby simplifying the passing process. Airport security

Compete for digital solutions

As Fauci suggests, private companies are developing ways for people to show they are vaccinated or free of the coronavirus. For example, New York authorities are testing a digital health card powered by blockchain technology in collaboration with computer science company IBM.

“The goal is to provide New Yorkers with a simple, voluntary, and safe method to provide evidence of negative COVID-19 test results or vaccination certification,” IBM said in a press release last month.

New York State Powers Its Own Edition of Vaccine Passport with Technology Company IBM

New York State

New York recently tried out the Excelsior Pass with the Brooklyn Nets at the National Basketball Association’s home game at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.It will also be tested in theaters and other venues as New Yorkers take over. More vaccinations

“Excelsior Pass will play an important role in getting information to events and venues in a secure and agile way, allowing us to quickly track these new business launches and bring us closer to our goals. Another step forward, Governor Andrew Cuomo said in a statement last month.

Relieve anxiety

VaxYes is another tool that provides free, HIPAA-compliant digital vaccine recordings for vaccinated individuals.The company’s CEO, Mohammed Garber, expects this product to be the most widely used in the travel sector.

“Personally, I have been through the peak of both vaccination doses and the low mindset and fear that I lost my card, everyone has anxiety about this card and how to prevent it,” Garber said.

VaxYes has partnered with states and organizations across the United States, including Kansas, which are testing a tool to allow residents to return to shows and other events today.Thousands of Americans have digitized their paper cards through VaxYes, according to the data. Of the company

“People are starting to think about summer travel plans, and they see it as a means of getting back into normal tourism activities and getting back on track,” Garber said. “We are very excited to be part of this solution.”

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