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Young Bucks has Jon Moxley’s debut.

Don Callis’ appearance has created a rift between the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, escalating tensions lead to the main event of the night (Apr 7). blastTag six men playing the game Omega & the Good Brothers with Jon Moxley & the Young Bucks, can Moxley really trust the Jackson brothers to get their hands dirty with a friend they know? long?

Late in the match, Matt Jackson had Omega who had no right to die. But he couldn’t get himself to get rid of Kenny with a super kick.Omega took advantage of Matt’s mood with a slap in the face, causing a brawl. Omega did not hesitate with his attacks. He confused Matt on his neck and wanted to hurt him.

But that wasn̵

7;t enough for Matt to fully give up Omega.The Bucks had Omega kneeling in place for the BTE Trigger finisher, but Matt couldn’t get past it. Moxley was impatient. He tagged himself and showed the Bucks how to deliver a killing blow.He destroyed Kenny with two Paradigm Shifts, and intended to choke him off brutally later.

Moxley’s brutality was too much for the Bucks to be pregnant.They used Mox superbly before he hurt Omega.

This betrayal left Omega’s body dragged up on the Moxley for victory. After that, with the support of Don Callis and Omega Bucks (reluctantly?) Sent stereo superkicks to Moxley.

AEW reviewers were disgusted by the Bucks’ actions and called them a unsold bunch.

It turns out Jon Moxley couldn’t trust Young Bucks, it was shocking, I know.

What do you think of the closing angle of blastReally?

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