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Youngsville pharmacist faces online backlash for anti-vaccination confrontation

YOUNGSVILLE, nC (WTVD) – In Youngsville, a small town drugstore has been at the center of a huge firestorm on social media.

“We have received the phone call. We received death threats over the phone,” said Umesh Chaudhury, co-owner and pharmacy manager at Youngsville Pharmacy on Main Street.

He’s also the voice of the store’s Facebook account. Over the past few weeks, I’ve met with customers and users who are resistant to the COVID-19 vaccine on the Rolesville Community Facebook page.

The rhetoric is hot. Sometimes harsh by Chaudhury, give as much as he can get.

“The idea behind Facebook engagement is just to get the word out, not just ̵

6;Hey, we’re making vaccines’ but also promoting scientific data.”

In one post he wrote: “The storm is brewing and people who are not vaccinated often have to pay huge tolls,” he said. “It is foolishly selfish to let the virus use your body as a host and kill hundreds of different kinds of people. roundabout”

When an anti-vaccination user refuses The pharmacy replied “Conspiracy theorists are not welcomed at the Youngsville pharmacy,” Chaudhury told a customer they were barred from entering the store because it was an anti-vaccination drug.

“We are in the business of promoting science and vaccines to these people,” he said. Of course they are not welcome!”

But since the start of the pandemic Public health experts have told ABC 11 that when we ignore people’s concerns, no matter how wrong they are They can personally perceive and reject what you have to say. They say the best practice in difficult conversations about vaccines is to gain the trust of others by showing you that you care about their concerns.

ABC 11 asked Chaudhury if he was afraid that a fight or confrontation could defeat his purpose or cause people to ignore his message rather than attract them to it.

“This was a conscious decision,” he said. “The way we operate has hurt our business a lot. But we are proud! I’d rather cut my salary. I would rather spend less money and keep our people safe.”

One local Facebook user told ABC 11 that they had reported Chaudhury to the state pharmacy board. The individual, who asked to remain anonymous, believes Chaudhury crossed the line to health officials, telling people they were unwilling to come pick up any other drugs.

Outside a Youngsville pharmacy on Thursday evening, Laura Mahn received a second COVID syringe. She is supporting her pharmacist.

“First of all, I can’t believe people are backing him,” Mahn said, “and I think he’s right. He’s just trying to keep his clients healthy.”

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