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YouTube competitor Rumble sues Google over video ratings

Video-sharing platform Rumble sued Google, accusing YouTube owners of abusing its power in the search and mobile markets by promoting its own platform.

According to Wall Street JournalCanada-based Rumble accused Google of “using an unfair search algorithm” and advocating video content hosted on YouTube on rival platforms. Rumble has become a popular video hosting platform for conservatives in the United States. United States, which claims that its established technology platform is involved in censorship.

Rumble’s decision to sue Google comes as the tech giant has put pressure on antitrust issues in recent months. The lawsuit states that it is unfair that YouTube is pre-installed on a number of mobile devices, including Google̵

7;s own Android operating system, as it is a potential traffic deviation from YouTube competitors.

The lawsuit states that “Google, using search engines, could mistakenly divert large amounts of traffic to YouTube, preventing Rumble from getting additional traffic, users, uploads, brand awareness and the revenue it could get. receive

A Google spokesperson said. WSJ That they “will defend themselves against these illogical claims” an earlier investigation by WSJ It has been found that Google’s own search results tend to prioritize YouTube-hosted videos more than results from competing platforms. This proved to be the basis for Rumble’s decision to sue the search giants.

In response to previous investigations, Google recommends that YouTube content is not set above other search platforms or providers.

Much of Rumble’s revenue comes from video content licensing.Rumble claims that published videos hosted on YouTube have grossed 9.3 billion views since 2014, bringing back ad revenue of $ 4.3 million. The majority of the fundamentals of this case are based on the principle that, although not all views are counted on their specific platform. But there are a few things that Google doesn’t like YouTube content more than Rumble content.

The Canadian company also made clear claims that “ missing ” viewing advertising revenue would generate “over $ 2 billion” in revenue.

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