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YouTube suspended Trump for at least a week.

YouTube added it would “shut down comments indefinitely” on Trump’s account once again, citing “ongoing concerns about violence” about his online posts.

The company did not specify what content violated its policies.

Key context: The move comes as YouTube faces increasing pressure from Democratic lawmakers and activists leaning to the left to crack down on Trump’s posts after rivals Twitter and Facebook took action. More proactive to restrict the president’s accounts on those platforms.

After the riots in government, YouTube deleted a video of Trump duplicating unfounded allegations that the election was “stolen”

;, it said after the fact that it would begin enforcing a suspension and possibly a ban. Permanent against accounts that violate policies of spreading baseless claims of widespread voter fraud.

The announcement means Trump will have to violate YouTube’s policies three times from now on to a permanent ban. His first strike came on Tuesday.

Civil rights groups called on YouTube to delete Trump’s account and threatened to launch broad sanctions on the company if not, Reuters reported.

Trump’s reaction: On Tuesday, the president launched an attack on technology companies to suspend and limit his accounts, saying in his first speech to reporters since the uprising that technology companies have done “horrible things for our country and the people of our country. To our country “

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