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YouTube suspended Trump’s channel for at least seven days.

OAKLAND, Calif. – YouTube said on Tuesday it had suspended President Trump’s channel due to concerns about the “potential for continued violence”, the latest move by a large tech company to promote “ongoing violence.” Restrict the president online

In a tweet on YouTube’s official account, a video website owned by Google said it had suspended Mr Trump’s account after his latest video violated a policy of banning content that spread misinformation, alleging widespread election fraud. It said he would not be able to upload new content to his channel, which has around 2.8 million followers for at least seven days.YouTube also said it was turning off commenting on his videos indefinitely.

The video did not immediately bring his account suspended.

Several tech companies have moved to curse Mr Trump online since violent supporters, motivated by the president, raided the government last week.In the aftermath, Facebook suspended the president from the social network. Main and Instagram, at least until the end of his agenda, Twitter, followed by a permanent suspension of Mr Trump’s account of the service, left him missing his favorite social media platform, where he has 88 million followers on other sites. Snapchat, Reddit and Twitch have also restricted Mr Trump.

The move has been hailed by liberals and others, who say the action is long overdue as Trump has used social media to spread falsehood and incite violence. But critics say the wholesale shutdown raises questions about how powerful tech companies are in online discussions.

Big tech companies have pulled support from other sites hosting right-wing content. On Monday, Parler, a popular social networking site among Trump supporters for its unrestricted approach to freedom of speech, went dark after Amazon pulled earlier computer services Apple and Google. Removed Parler from the app store, Parler said it was searching for a way to get back online.

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