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Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits is about to launch.

Mobcast Games is open for pre-registration in Japan for the upcoming mobile games. Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle SpiritsOriginally planned to be released in 2019, the game reappears now with new promotions, new key art, and an updated website. Mobcast Games does not have a release window. But people in the region can register. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The title appeared in the 2019 Jump Festa article, supposedly released. The game was never released, but the company announced that it will be developing it again in November 2020.To celebrate the pre-registration opening, Mobcast Games has launched a renewed website and published a web ad with singer Maki Goto.

The upcoming titles will be free to play with additional microtransactions. The game will be an Action RPG with a leveling mechanism, Mobcast Games is holding a promotion where players can earn bonus in-game currency. The developer will give you the name Rurimaru, depending on the number of people pre-registered. The first success will net 150 Rurimaru players if 50,000 pre-registered.

Yu Yu Hakusho Genkai Battle Spirits It will be released on Android and iOS devices in Japan. Additionally, IPs are making a comeback in many ways. Netflix and Toho Studios are currently in the lead-up to the live action. Yu Yu Hakusho series.

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