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Zac Efron’s Australian sidekick shuts down plastic surgery rumors.

Zac Efron Is au naturel – according to his friend Down Under.

About a week ago, Zac appeared in Earth Day! Musical And it appears to show the face transformation that makes the Internet bizarre. Fans feel he can “ruin” his “perfect face” by launching a sculpted look.

Now his Australian friends Kyle Sandilands The recording is being set to straighten. The radio host opens. Kyle and Jackie O Show Regarding Zac’s appearance, saying, “Of course,” he doesn’t have a job, “I’ll know if he has had plastic surgery,”

; Kyle said.

According to the eyes, there is no room for improvement when it comes to the good looks of the Zac.

“It’s like Picasso and the kids paint, why bother,” says Kyle, comparing the actor’s appearance to the priceless art.

Other fans were speculating that he might look different compared to him. High school music Days, because it happened a lot over the past 15 years.As some have pointed out, Zac even broke his jaw in 2013, which may have contributed to the change in his bone structure. At the time, he slipped in a puddle outside his LA home and had to close his jaw.

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When it comes to changing the bigger things in Zac’s life, he reportedly broke up with his Aussie girlfriend. Vanessa ValladaresAfter dating for less than a year Two weeks ago, Kyle posted the news as well, saying: “I can still confirm this after talking to him yesterday.”

Zac Efron Earth Day Face

Zac Efron Earth Day Face

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He is working on this project. gold, Three men and a baby and Firestarter.

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