“Space Jam 2”

; will hit theaters almost 25 years after the ’90s classic.

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ESPN dropped a “30 for 30” mock clip for LeBron James’s “Space Jam: A New Legacy” on Sunday, but Zendaya stole the show.

The 6-minute, 20-second clip showcases Zendaya’s voice as the new Lola Bunny, garnering the attention of fans. So high that the actor’s name became a trending topic on Twitter.

The new voice-over Lola gets her first speech at 1:49 minutes as Bugs Bunny and James argue over who is the best player on the Looney Tunes squad.

β€œIt’s lovely to see them fight. When everyone knows this is Lola’s team,” Lola Bunny said from the couch while discussing “Space Jam” (released July 16).

Lola Bunny later claimed the final clutch status, saying: “When the time comes, it’s critical. The ball will hit my paw.”

‘Space Jam’ example:Watch LeBron James Rule the Court in Another Dimension with a Movie Revival

When asked LeBron what was the key to bringing the team together, he replied: “Two words, Lola Bunny, the greatest best friend of all time.”

Director Malcolm D. Lee said he wants to go in a new direction with the Lola character originating in Michael Jordan’s live-action/animation “Space Jam” in 1996 Voiced by Kath Soucie, Lola Bunny is known for her hot outfits. and Bugs Bunny’s line “Don’t Call Me ‘Doll'”

“Lola is not politically correct,” Lee told Entertainment Weekly in March. β€œThis is a children’s movie. Why is she wearing a crop top? It felt unnecessary. But at the same time there is a long history of that in the comics.”

Lee tried to “Reflects the reality of a strong and capable female character.”

β€œWe made a lot of improvements. It’s not just her looks, for example, making sure she’s the right length in the shorts and is feminine without objection. But giving her a real voice,” Lee said. Let’s build strength in sports. her leadership skills and make her look like everyone else.”

Twitter’s reaction was unexpectedly mixed, with fans who missed the original voice acting disappointed.

“Her voice doesn’t suit Lola Bunny, it seems like Zendaya doesn’t really speak to Lola Bunny,” wrote one Twitter user.

β€œStrange, why is Sendaya’s voice coming out of the Lola Rabbit?” wrote another.

“Zendaya played Zendaya, well done,” wrote another Twitter user.

But there are many fans who support the casting.

“ZENDAYA voiced LOLA BUNNY! I’ll pass out,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me that ZENDAYA voiced Lola Rabbit!?” wrote another Twitter user.

Added one Twitter user: “My life is perfect. Zendaya is playing Lola Bunny in Space Jam 2.”

β€œAt first I was like Zendaya, really like Lola Bunny, but now I hear it. It goes well together,” another Twitter user wrote.

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